Ann Arbor Restaurant Week, Night 1: Grange Kitchen & Bar

One of the best times of the year for a foodie — Ann Arbor Restaurant Week! Most restaurants participating in the event offer three-course meals for a discounted set price. We kicked off the week with a couple girlfriends; dinner at Grange, a local farm-to-table restaurant.

Course one: Choice between chicken liver mousse with pickled onions, smoked salmon rillettes with herb salad, or radishes with butter and sea salt. We both went with the rillettes, which were a great choice! The smoked salmon was full-flavored on a crisp, grilled baguette, and the chives and parsley added a nice freshness.



Course two: Choice of salad made with local greens and goat cheese or a spring garlic and potato soup with house-smoked ham. Marika went with the salad, and Alina had the soup.

ImageAlthough the salad ingredients were fresh, the flavor of the goat cheese didn’t quite come through, and the dressing was lacking. Unremarkable.

ImageThe soup, on the other hand, we liked. Not too heavy, and the flavors were subtle but melted together perfectly. And the salty ham added a savory bite.


Course three: Choice of pan roasted chicken with chicken sausage hash, grilled lake trout with wilted greens and almond basil pesto, duck leg confit with cumin-citrus glaze and roasted potatoes, or sliced spring vegetable tagine with yogurt and almonds. We decided to try the chicken and, of course, you can never turn down duck leg confit.

ImageThe hash…oh my gosh the hash…the potatoes were packed with flavor. And each bite of chicken sausage was a bite of heaven. We hadn’t even gotten to the chicken breast yet, and we were in love. The chicken was moist with a crispy skin that had a spicy mix of seasonings. It was idyllic.

ImageAnd just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we tasted the duck. The meat basically melted off the bone, and the glaze was amazing. Cumin + citrus = genius. The spinach and roasted potatoes were a good compliment. Needless to say, we licked the plate clean.


Dessert: Not a part of the restaurant week menu, but we needed chocolate. So, we ordered their flourless chocolate cake with dragon’s milk ice cream (stout-beer based ice cream) and house-made deconstructed oreo cookies.


A chocolate-lover’s dream: the picture doesn’t do it justice. The dish as a whole was a fun play on cake and ice cream. The cake–rich, chocolatey, and moist–was sliced into small bite-size pieces. Small dollops of oreo cookie cream served as a bed for the cake and cookie pieces. The thought of a stout ice cream didn’t initially seem appealing, but it was pleasantly unique and a perfect pairing with the sweet cake.

The night was finished with cleaned plates, full stomachs, and lots of laughter around the table. Overall, this will be a hard meal to beat as we continue our restaurant week outings. If you’re around Ann Arbor this week, definitely hit up Grange!


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